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We work with many insurance companies and our services are insurance reimbursable. For our fee schedule, please contact us.

The Body & Soul Therapy® Program was originally developed 20 years ago for adults as well as for children 6 years of age and older. This successful program includes the use of EMDR Therapy and several other well-proven and effective Mind-Body Therapies in addition to traditional psychotherapy. It is designed to complement each person's needs and concerns and help each person to achieve serenity and harmony with one's environment. The Body & Soul Therapy® Program has been proven successful 98% of the time.

What are some of the concerns that motivate someone to seek help? The most common reason an individual seeks counseling is difficulty with anxiety, which can range from mild to much more disabling fears and phobias, general anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In children, anxiety often shows up as shyness, worry about doing well in school or fear of the dark. In adults, anxiety may be chronic worrying, fear of failure, fear of public speaking, fear of heights, bridges, etc. or with PTSD, difficulty with anger, sleep, work or relationships after a traumatic incident such as war, robbery, rape, assault, accident or abuse. PTSD can appear right after a trauma or years later.

Another common reason for seeking counseling is depression, which shows itself as hopelessness, worthlessness, lack of interest in normal activities, inability to concentrate, disturbances in sleep, appetite or sexual activity or suicidal thoughts.

Many individuals experience difficulty with addictions, which is a condition where a person has very little control with a behavior that produces negative consequences. Some common addictions include alcohol, illegal or prescription drugs, food, caffeine, nicotine, gambling, sex, internet and video games, money, porn and work. Another very common addiction is called Co-Dependency, which is an addiction to a dysfunctional person or situation. Although many addicts don't get help early because they suffer from denial, the earlier a person gets effective treatment, the more successful the outcome will be.

Anger Management is another common problem. Even though anger is a normal human emotion, there are lots of individuals who get angry more than what is considered "normal" or when they get angry, they are in a rage. There are also those who can't seem to get angry at all. A study done by Harvard Medical School several years ago concluded that males who have an anger management problem are more likely to die prematurely from a heart attack.

There are many other issues that may prompt someone to seek counseling. The important thing to remember is that persistence is necessary in finding solutions to one's problems. The Body & Soul Therapy® has helped hundreds of people to be healthier and happier. You could be the next!

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