Marriage Counseling

The Body & Soul Therapy® Program has been helping couples for 20 years to have healthier and happier relationships. A great majority of couples obtaining counseling from Body & Soul Therapy® are successful in overcoming the obstacles that caused them to seek help.

Couples are often under tremendous stress at various points in their relationship. The beginning of a marriage, after long absences and after several years of problems and poor communication are some of these points. The birth of a child, health, financial or legal stressors, changes in work or location or when there is emotional, physical or sexual abuse can also cause problems with couples.

The Body & Soul Therapy® Program starts with the assumption that to have a healthier relationship, each person needs to be healthy. As a result, it is first helpful to meet with the couple to assess the couple's issues and then meet individually to assess each person's issues. Each individual is usually upset at each other or about the problems in the relationship and couples counseling will only work when both individuals are calm enough to listen and respond rationally to the other. Often one or both individuals also are suffering from anxiety, depression, an addiction, anger or some other problem. Couples counseling cannot take place until these individual problems are dealt with adequately in individual counseling. Guidance is provided to help couples transition through the rough patches in their relationship using nurturing and positive techniques in their communication with each other. Couples learn that in order to be successful, they must work together so that they may manage their issues in a mutually beneficial way.

Two of the basic needs of each human being are to love and be loved. It is therefore very important to create or recreate a loving relationship. Getting the right kind of help is crucial in this endeavor. Body & Soul Therapy® can offer this type of help. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

We understand the enormous stress couples are under at various points in their marriage and help them transition through rough patches using nurturing and positive techniques.

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