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"Don't let your fears or someone else's expectations shape your destiny!"

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The Relaxation Response
"Working with yarn provides stress relief," says Herbert Benson, MD, a professor at Harvard Medical School and author of The Relaxation Response. Read entire article...
Herbert Benson, MD

Performance Anxiety
You've all seen the syndrome: the speaker who suddenly freezes during an important presentation. An athlete who misses a crucial free throw near the end of a game. Or a sales representative who is very persuasive in most calls, but somehow gets a case of the “willies” when he must deal with a CEO. Read article... Barbara Radin Fox, LCSW, MEd.

Remove Blocks to Creativity
The actor freezes onstage during an important scene. A writer stares at the blank computer screen. An empty canvas mocks the frustrated  artist. These are common examples of  “performance anxiety." Read entire article... Barbara Radin Fox, LCSW, MEd.

Shape-up Mentally and Emotionally
Shopping at Health Food Markets. Reading Health or Alternative Medicine magazines. Eating whole grain breads, organic meats and vegetables, and honey instead of sugar. Even calming the office space with a spritz of lavender or an afternoon pickup with peppermint. AIl great steps toward healthy living, but is there more to it? Read entire article... Barbara Radin Fox, LCSW, MEd.

Wake up, anxiety sufferers! It's time to denounce that Paxil/Xanax/Prozac approach to life.  Read entire article...Tracey Palmer

Romance sounds like the most wonderful state of bliss to be in.  And it is. The problem is much of the time, after two people court each other, live with each other, and often marry, the feeling of being on cloud nine wears off. Read entire article... Barbara Radin Fox, LCSW, MEd.

Sports Anxiety
Every athlete, from the weekend golfer to a professional basketball superstar, can have their performance affected by stress or anxiety. Read entire article... Barbara Radin Fox, LCSW, MEd.